Zendala dare 30 and two pairs of Socc(s)

“Oh dear”, that’s what went through my head when I read the weekly dare from Erin at ‘The bright Owl’.
The template looked ok.  But every first Saturday of the month an extra challenge is given.
This week the participants had to use tangles starting with the letters P, I and E (Pie – because it’s the month of Thanksgiving and that makes Erin think about pie).
And that brings me back to ‘Oh dear’.  There are only a handful of tangles I know by name…
I really had to go looking for tangles that could be used.  Thank God for ‘Tangle patterns’
I ended up using Paradox, Itsy twisty, Eylet & Ribbon and Eyehook.  I only used Paradox and Eyehook before. The second extra challenge : ‘use one tangle you never used before’ was completed too.
This is actually my second one.  The first attempt contained Popsicle, but that just didn’t fit the design, so I started over.
At the end I only had to fill the middle part and didn’t find a pattern to fit the lines, so I drew litlle Pi signs over the template line – after all it’s a kind of Pi ….

I colored it with GiMP again, just like last week.  I’m thinking about making a zendala with my students when I go back to work and letting them color the design with Gimp afterwards….

Than the weekend was over and the Diva posted her 94th weekly challenge and what a surprise it took me right back to ‘The bright owl again!
Erin has come up with a tangle called ‘Socc’ and the challenge was to use that one in a zentangle this week.

I made a ZIA using it. 

This week I posted the challenge and the dare in one post again because last weekend was busy again!
My little girl got baptized … she looked so adorable in her dress:

Off to see what the others made of it …


9 thoughts on “Zendala dare 30 and two pairs of Socc(s)

  1. very pretty and delicate! Love the white space which sets off your great design. Socc makes great socks! (and your daughter is absolutely the cutest!


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