Zendala 29 – challenge 93

Well, here we are again.  Later than intended again!  Life just gets in the way sometimes!
I really wanted to do the dare from Erin at The bright owl at the weekend, but my sister got in an accident.  A car just ran her over while she was passing on her bicycle. 
All in all she is quite fine, just has to rest for 6 weeks and take lots of pain killers for her back.
The man who bumped into her was blinded by the sun and very sorry.

On Sunday we had a little unplanned family day.  My husband had to rush to work because the server was down. I googled for stores that were open on Sunday.  My husband works in The Netherlands (we live close to the border) and they have ‘Koopzondagen’ over there.  Translated it’s ‘Buying Sundays’, it means the stores can open on Sunday.  There are just 12 of these a year in every town/village.
Valkenswaard was open, so we went shopping.  I still needed a dress for the baptism of our little girl.
We went to eat pancakes and had a great Sunday.

But no dare done …
So yesterday I started at both.

The template Erin gave us made me think about glass windows you see in churches, so I tried to use that as inspiration, but it went completely different.
Somehow it became a heart window.

Scanning the result (no shading or coloring yet) it made me think about a card game, don’t ask me why.
The zendala was staring at me, scanned with GIMP so I started using the paint bucket to color:

What a difference color can make!

My baby girl finally fell asleep yesterday evening and I had some time to try the new tangle Bunzo as Laura at the Diva blog asked us to.
I don’t know if I quite got it right, because  I started with the little first shape every time …
But I must say I like this tangle and will use it again.
For now, here is my contribution to the diva challenge 93:

Now I’m off to see all the other results!

By the way: thanks for understanding about the loss of jobs at the Ford plant.  It doesn’t effect me personally, but I still think about all those people who will have unsure times to come!


24 thoughts on “Zendala 29 – challenge 93

  1. I can see where you got the idea of a card game. It reminds me of those designs that are on the back of playing cards. The colors you chose fit that perfectly. Your Bunzo is, like Donald said festive. What fun!


  2. Yes, color makes the difference. Actually I love all three of them. I agree with Didisch: your bunzo looks like a majestic jellyfish. I love what you have done with it.


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