The diva’s challenge 92 and the drama here in Belgium!

Challenge 92

So I finished my challenge for the Diva blog yesterday.
The challenge was to use stripes as your string, and this is what it turned out to be.
I don’t know if there are others who’ve done a similar interpretation, I always tend to look at the other entries when I’ve finished mine.  That way it’s my interpretation without influences. 

Today it’s a black day here in Belgium.
Ford has announced that it will close his big factory here at Genk.  More than 4500 people will loose their job at the factory itself and almost the same amount in other smaller supply factories!  Mayor drama!
The reasons they give are just appalling!  They just didn’t make enough money and if you look up what the CEO of Ford earns you will fall on your backside of the figure!
And this when the founder of the company Henry Ford once said:

 “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business” … Henry turned in his grave today, mark my words!

Thinking of all the families and the promises that were broken by the Ford people today.  It goes to show: everything is possible in business and war …


11 thoughts on “The diva’s challenge 92 and the drama here in Belgium!

  1. Lovely tile and happy even with the bad news of Ford. My hubby worked at Ford Southampton, UK, and took redundancy 3 plus years ago. They said then it would stay open for ten years!!! We are still waiting for the official statement for the Southampton plant.


  2. Like your use of mooka in the spaces, creating another set of stripes with those. Sorry to hear about the loss of jobs. Live in a city in the US that has been impacted by this over the last couple of years. Has been some recovery but still not where it was. Unfortunately the high salaries of CEO's is not just limited to the auto industry.


  3. Mooi deze Stripes, Ilse. Ik heb de mijne ook hier en daar geweven. Deze challenge vroeg daar ook wel om.
    Overal verliezen mensen banen, maar …. ik zag daarstraks in het nieuws hoe erg dat ook was rond 1980 en daar kwamen we ook weer uit. Moed houden dus (ik verloor vorig jaar mijn baan, door slecht management, dus ik weet waarover ik praat denk ik).


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