Zendala Dare 28 and some animals in their elements…

Zendala Dare #28

As every week I try to do the dare at the weekend, but this week my little boy turned 2.  At Sunday he had his party so me and his Godmother baked whole day Saturday to make enough birthday cake for everyone who came to visit.

Last year we made a igloo with penguins in fondant.  It was beautiful but didn’t taste so well.  So this year we made a chocolate – whipped (yellow) cream cake and put little figures on the cake.  We chose ‘Bumba’ it’s a cartoon figure that is mega-popular here in Belgium (and the Netherlands). 

The most beautiful moment for me was this one:

20 people were singing ‘Happy birthday’ for him and he really enjoyed it.  ‘Is this all for me?’  I got tears in my eyes, my little guy is growing up so quickly!

Oh well, back to my artwork …
I joined a swap called ‘Animals with element’ and made these ATC’s:

I was quite happy with them, but got a mail asking to do them over, because I got the concept wrong.  The only one that was good was the dragon. 
The others had do not just be in their element.  A rabbit with ice coming out of his ears or a cat on fire, that’s the way to go.  So I have to do some new ones and these will become cards to trade.
Just like these:

Well, until I finish the diva challenge … bye for now!


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