Beads of courage and zendala 27

Well finally I got round to doing the zendala dare and the weekly challenge this week…

I had a very exciting weekend.  We had municiple elections last weekend here AND I was a candidate!  I never expected to get elected, but I did!
260 people of my town thought I would be a great town council, so starting January I’ll be there representing them. 
Maybe you heard about the elections on the news!  Antwerp, the biggest town in Flanders, had clash between 2 very important politicians. 

I started the Diva challenge just today.  Laura got her inspiration at the ‘Beads of courage‘ project.  I love the idea!  I think it’s amazing to see what some children have been through in their lives!
I took a piece of vintage background paper and started to draw beads on a braid. One way or another my tangles began to look like a tree and it reminded me of the tree of life of Gustave Klimt.  And I think this is a very nice symbol for this challenge.  I never intended it to become a tree, but it did and when I took a look I remembered the tree of Klimt.
Strange how zentangles seem to to this every time…

The zendala dare was done last Sunday evening.
When I took a look at the template I feared a kind of outcome like zendala dare 25.  This template isn’t really balanced either, just like the one of dare 25.
So I decided on beforehand not to use many different tangles, to keep it simple.
When I used the aura’s it made me think of big pools of water, so I used blue as a color and the child in me couldn’t resist putting little flying fish around the pools.


13 thoughts on “Beads of courage and zendala 27

  1. I like both of these. I had started out drawing a tree to hang my beads from and had to erase the whole thing, as I couldn't figure out the relative sizes of everything! Your Klimt style tree is marvelous! I really like your Zendala choice of pattern, color and especially the little fishes!


  2. Hoi Ilse, Gefeliciteerd met je uitverkiezing. Wat een spannend weekje voor je!. Ik vind de uitwerkingen van beide challenges die je gemaakt heb erg mooi. De kralen in de boom in zo'n mooi kleurrijk geheel. Erg creatief hoor. En de Zendala doet me erg denken aan een windmolentje, dat werkelijk beweegt. Ook hier weer een uitstekend kleurgebruik. Gr. Diana


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