Zendala 26 and the first BIG ZIA.


Relax!  Oh this template of Erin at ‘the bright owl’ was such a treat for me!  It made me relax.  All the stress the last one gave me just dripped out of me with every stroke.
I am happy I did a second one last week, because it showed me that it can get better if you just try to relax a bit more.  But still that template gave me stress …

We went shopping at the IKEA last week. I haven’t got a clue if that store is known outside Europe.  It’s a rather cheap home design-furniture store.
We bought some closets to put the toys of my son in on his bedroom and candles and a little play kitchen for his birthday in 11 days …
I also wanted to buy a printed flower painting for the living room, but my husband got a bit annoyed…
‘You make such beautiful, original art’, he said.  ‘Why don’t you make a painting yourself?’.  And well he is right off course…
So I bought 3 canvases and started with my first big ZIA.  I’ve made bigger paintings before, but never with the intention to tangle on them.
I started like this:

It is far from finished, but I painted a background and starting tangling on it.  I will share when it’s finished!

I also made a few ATCs!  I really want to have a variety to show my children in class when I go back teaching in January.

I tried different styles, different techniques and traded quite a few already.  Sometimes the cards I think don’t work so well get asked for first….
Here they are:

Waving flowers.  Hand drawn on collage paper with embellishements .

Elevated hand drawn mermaid on deco paper.

Paper collage.

Paper collage, tangled card.

Paper  collage with silver pen.

8 thoughts on “Zendala 26 and the first BIG ZIA.

  1. Your Zendala is really pretty – love the color, which seems just the right amount. I also like the idea of your zentangle canvas's – I'm going to show these to my husband who loves to paint “large” but seems to be in a slump right now – I bet this motivates him.


  2. Erg mooi. Ik vind vooral de omcirkeling van je buitenste ovalen erg mooi. Het geheel ziet eruit als een trampoline vanuit boven bezien. Mooi uitwerking van de challenge.


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