Zendala 25 … not my cup of tea!

Ok, so zendala 25 was not my kind of zendala, why?  I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t really ‘zen’ when I started.
I find it way too busy, the colors aren’t right and every time I wanted to do a pattern something went wrong…
The different size triangles made me confused and I messed up big, according to my feelings anyway!  The more strokes, the more it was saying: “haha, this isn’t going to work” and the more annoyed I got with myself.

I really don’t know if I would try this one again, it didn’t feel right …

My 3 heroes are taking an afternoon nap.  My husband worked all night, so he has to rest.
My little boy is napping, this morning was very exciting to him: he started potty training.  He succeeded 3 out of 4 times, so I guess he’s ready. 
It was so funny when he was playing and came to tell me he ‘pilled’ pointing to his wet pants…
I hope I didn’t start too soon, but we will see.

Oh if I look at the result I really don’t like it *sigh*, maybe I should try again.


8 thoughts on “Zendala 25 … not my cup of tea!

  1. Whenever I feel stumped, as I did with this one, I always do a rough piece. It acts as a reference guide. I must say every time I face a challenge or dare I am always left thinking which pattern to use!

    Give it One More Shot….:) YOU CAN DO IT!!..:)


  2. This was a tough one with the odd size triangles and an odd number of sections. I really had to go minimal to make it work. I agree with Tinkerbell–I start with a rough sketch before I commit and a lot of times I end up doing something completely different than my first intention, but it gives me a channel to work things out until I'm happy, less frustrating. Keep at it!! Don't ever give up!


  3. Ja, deze was erg lastig Ilse! Mag ik eerlijk zeggen, dat de jouwe heel mooi zou zijn als dat zwart er niet was? Ik kan het niet goed uitleggen, maar dat zwart haalt m.i. de balans weg.
    En ….. natuurlijk kun je het, dat zagen we al zo vaak!


  4. I had the same issue as you with all the different sizes. It didn't feel properly balanced to me and then I didn't have enough space to use the tangles I really wanted to use. I do think yours is still beautiful though. We're always our biggest critics.


  5. I agree with you. This was a very tough template with all the different sizes and triangles. No harmony in the template and too little space too fill in the patterns and have fun with them. Without the black your tile will be fine. Keep it going.


  6. Hoi Ilse, Ik had ook wat moeite met deze rare template. Voor mijn gevoel klopt het gewoon niet. Toch vind ik je inzending erg mooi geworden. De kleurtjes geven er in elk geval een mooie draai aan.


  7. Do try again – I love your work, and I think I can feel that you weren't “in the zen” for this one. However, I must say that I love the rope you've put around 3 cones ( and the way you shaded them), and the cones you've filled with something that reminds me of peacock feathers.


  8. This was a hard template but I love the tangles you've chosen- especially the border. Don't get discouraged – every thing we create has it own merit and gives us practice and experience 🙂

    And good luck on the potty training- very exciting! 🙂


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