Fruit flies make me combine!

I just couldn’t seem to find the time to tangle this weekend!  Why?  I had an invasion of little fruit flies.  There were a few and in no time there were hundreds!
Oh what irritating little things they are.   I went looking for the source.  None of the fruit in the fruit basket was rotten, but I threw them out anyway, just to make sure.  I bought new fruit and put it in the refrigerator so the little evil things couldn’t get to them.
I washed out my sink, because I read that milk attracts them too and I thought maybe the sink had some milk or something in the pipes.
I cleaned out the Italian coffee maker, emptied the trash (although there wasn’t much in the bin), put the glass jars outside (although they were washed in the dishwasher), … 
Nothing seemed to help.

Tricks like vinegar with a drop of soap caught a few, but most of them just sat on the side of the little dish, looking at the vinegar not tasting it so they would fall in!
I made several traps, nothing worked.
I bought fresh basilica, because I read that the little flies hated that herb, but my flies just sat on the leaves! 
ARGHHHH I was going crazy!

So I went to the store and bought a bug spray.  I know, not ecological, but I was already fighting the little annoying things for two days and they just seemed to multiply instead of increasing!
So I put the kids upstairs, sprayed the ground floor and waited for 15 minutes.  And well most of them were dead or dying!  Hurray!
But after spraying the house, I had to clean everything, the handles and the cupboards, all my kitchen utensils  (I was so angry I just started spraying without putting these in the cupboard)…
I still left a few traps, but now there is just one astray fruit fly here or there … they will die or leave soon … I hope.

That is why I’m quite late with posting and why I combined the dare of Erin and the challenge of Laura in one tile.
I started with the dare on top of the post, but made some ‘mistakes’ (I know mistakes aren’t possible in zentangle) but still I didn’t like it.
So I did a second one.  It’s quite swirly and busy, but that’s because my mind was still thinking about the swirly fruit flies, I’m sure!

 Last week I did do some collage ATC’s to trade, just to put on my flickr album to trade.  I hadn’t done collage in a while, but I liked it and I think I’ll do some more of them soon.


7 thoughts on “Fruit flies make me combine!

  1. O Ilse, ik ken dat gedoe met die fruitvliegjes. Bij mij zaten ze in de vuilnisbak en ik liet per ongeluk de deur open. Ze zagen dat als een uitnodiging en kwamen massaal naar binnen, direct naar de keuken. Wat bij mij het beste resultaat gaf, was een bakje met overrijp fruit neerzetten, wachten tot ze er op gingen zitten (en dat deden ze dus) en er dan een vaatdoek overheen gooien. Dan alles naar buiten en weer opnieuw een bakje neerzetten. Het duurde even, maar ik had wel de meeste weg.
    Dan waar het hier eigenlijk over gaat; challenge 88.
    Je maakte, ondanks alles, twee heel mooie!


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