Zendala number 23 and my little prince!

Wow, I’m late with my zendala dare this week!  In a moment I’ll tell you why.  I traced the template with a pencil on a zentangle tile and tried NOT to fill the space created by the lines of the template.  I tried to draw patterns on the pencil lines … That was a dare to me!  I always just fill the boxes of the template!

Reason why I’m so late? 
My baby girls first big party was this weekend. 
I’ve got a big family and many friends and colleagues so we decided to to a ‘baby-drink’ for all of them at once.  It’s a real hype in Belgium the last few years, these big baby parties.  It’s a bit like a baby shower, but after the baby is born.  It is a big party on a Sunday afternoon with cake and coffee and presents for the baby. 

I made my own birth announcement card for my baby girl.
If you click the link you can see the digital version in Dutch.
The card is actually a little fairy tale:  My son is a Prince who finds a frog, he kisses the frog and it turns into a little baby sister.
To keep the party in the same theme we dressed him up like a little prince.

We made cupcakes in frog and princess style:

We had a castle tent for the kids, hobby horses and they could create their own flag in a corner of the room where the party was held.

My husband works in The Netherlands and his colleague brought the most original gift: Dutch clogs hand painted with my own drawings from the birth announcement.

My whole house was a mega disaster after baking, moving everything to the party, having the party, bringing everything back home and cleaning…
I also had to sort out the wardrobes of both my son and daughter because autumn came sooner than expected and my son had grown out of all his clothes.
My daughter is out of the smallest size already too!  It goes way too fast!

Now the pinwheel for peace is staring at me, still have a few days to finish it before the new zendala is online again!


10 thoughts on “Zendala number 23 and my little prince!

  1. You son is adorable!!! A true prince! Love to see a picture of your daughter. Sounds like the party was a smashing success. I'm surprised you found time to do the Dare. Your Zendala turned out great. I love the subtle colors you used and also all the tangles.


  2. Your zendala is gorgeous–what a great idea! Definitely a brilliant way to challenge yourself! And you did a beautiful job! Your little prince is so handsome and all the cupcakes and treats are so sweet! Love it!


  3. Lovely tale about your prince and princess – sounds like a lot of fun! I love your zendala – I also find that I fill in the lines and need to learn how to be a bit more loose. This is a beautiful interpretation.


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