Tangling out and stepping out.

Diva’s challenge 86

This week Laura at I am the Diva blog challenged us to go outside the borders of the string of the zentangle.  I took this literally and worked only outside the string except with the 3 original loops in it.
Can you find them?  I can just find one.
I used a tangle I came up with during my holiday at the Belgian coast side, but I’m not sure if it exists or if it is a variation on an existing one, so I call in the help of all zentanglers out there!
If it is NOT an official tangle yet and it isn’t a variation on someones pattern I’d like to call this tangle FishDropz.  To be clear I’m only talking about the drop-shapes, not about the little line on the border.
I’ll post a ‘how to draw Fishdropz’ if this really is my own creation …

As you know I have been on holiday last week.  We saw some other artwork besides the crazy benches.

We visited the sand sculpture festival at Blankenberge. The theme this year was Disney and fairy tales because Disney land in Paris celebrates it’s 20th anniversary.

Chip or dale / Knabbel of Babbel
Zandsculpturen Blankenberge 2012

Zandsculpturen festival Blankenberge 2012

Watch the details in the eye: respect for the artists!
Kijk naar de details van de ogen: respect voor de kunstenaar.

And last in this post I want to share this picture of the design Jean-Paul Gaultier made for Coca-Cola Light:

I’v just added the first bottle to my collection and I think that it will get a beautiful place in my classroom when I start work in January again.


13 thoughts on “Tangling out and stepping out.

  1. You are so clever. First one to design on the outside edges and leave the inside blank. Very organic and I think you will have lots of seeds for your garden next year! (I looks to me like the flowers are dropping their dried seeds)


  2. Tof idee Ilse, om op deze manier naar buiten te breken, en het midden te vermijden. Kleurtjes zijn erg mooi gekozen, en passen hartstikke goed by je ontwerp 🙂


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