A shelter, a challenge, an owl and some nostalgia

I’ve got a few artworks and a story to share with you today:

It’s been a while since I tried to do the prompt of the sketchbook challenge.  But I had some spare time so I took a look at their august 2012 challenge. The theme is ‘Shelter’.
They gave a lot of examples and inspirations, but as a young mother I feel like I’m a bit of a shelter for my kids.
I carried my son in a woven wrap/sling and I still do sometimes, the same goes for my little girl.

Here she is in a sling called ‘Storchenwiege Anna’.  It was the first time she ever was in a woven sling and she slept immediately.  For a baby being in a sling is shelter.
So that made me think about the theme shelter.  I remembered a little plant.  In English it’s called ‘youth on age’.  If you translate the Belgian name ‘Kindje op moeders schoot’ you get  ‘Child on mother’s lap.

 This is what the sketch turned out to be:

The Diva blog provided a new zentangle challenge today.
We had to draw a string with our eyes closed.  It’s funny because it made me think about the time I was a student and we had to draw a portrait without looking at our page, we could only look at the person we were drawing…
I took a tile closed my eyes and drew this:

I was quiet pleased with it.
I started immediately.

This is what it became:

Can you tell I tried LeeAnn’s coloring technique a bit?

And finally the last piece of ‘art’ for today, my owl ATC:

Between all this ‘art’ stuff I’m also trying to get rid of lots of clutter in my house. 

We have been renovating our home for 6 years now.  In the beginning we lived upstairs but since last summer the main rooms like the living room, the kitchen and the desks are downstairs.

There’s one big closet upstairs in the room that will be my daughter’s bedroom someday. I found lots of art in there.  Watercolors, sketches and even special expensive Daler Rowney paper …

I also found a diary from 1993…. I started reading about my own teen years.  Pure nostalgia! 
I read about Beverly Hills 90210, how I had a crush on some boys in school, what posters I changed in my room, teachers I hated (the *bitch* word came up, shame on me, but let’s say I was in my ‘big mouth period’), teachers I adored (and inspired me to become one), I read about Franks (our old money, now we use Euro’s) ….

You can imagine the closet is a long way from empty, but reading about my youth made me realize: I was a happy child and I really hope that one day, when my daughter finds her own old diary, she will realize the same … I was a happy child!


13 thoughts on “A shelter, a challenge, an owl and some nostalgia

  1. Love to read about inspirations and what is going on in individuals lives – thanks for sharing! Your pieces are beautiful but the Blind Sighted string piece especially caught my eye! It's truly beautiful (and funky, and fun)!


  2. Ik vind je geblindeerd getekende string, en daaruit voortvloeiende werkstuk erg fraai geworden. Kleur techniek is goed gelukt vind ik. Heb deze zelf ook wel eens geprobeerd, maar krijg de kleuren toch niet zo mooi sprekend als LeeAnn. Prachtige foto van je dochter trouwens.
    En Ja Limburg is ook niet zo ver van Belgie, slechts 5 min. met de auto. Ik volg dan ook avondschool in Maasmechelen ….


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