Zendala dare 20 times 2.

Hurray Friday!
Since Laura at ‘The Diva’s weekly challenge’ blog didn’t post a challenge this week I was anxiously for The bright owl blog to post the Zendala dare number 20.

I started with this one:

Originally it had much more lines and was way too busy (haha Erin, I made the same ‘mistake’).  I tried to solve the problem, because when a drawing goes wrong in my art class I try to let the children find an artistic solution so they don’t have to start over.  I colored some busy part, but I think it turned out a bit black.

So I tried again, this time I wanted to use less lines and less black and this is the result:

Totally different and I’m amazed I got to make something that different from the first tile.  I don’t usually do 2 tiles with the same template, but maybe I should do that more often.

Last week I bought 4 frames ideal for zentangle tiles.  They were super cheap so I’m very happy with them:

And now a big question …
I wanted to ask you all if you could help fill my flicker ‘step by step’ album.
I see you thinking: “Your What?”.
Well, as you may know I have another blog called ‘Art lessons from Belgium’ where I post project from me and my colleagues to swap ideas with and inspire others who teach art.
Today I posted a ‘How to draw a cupcake step by step’ post.  I drew some examples and made 3 ATCs using the step by step method.
I’d like the kids in class to join in when I start school again (That’s still a long time from now, I’m on maternity leave until January), but I’d like to show them that these are just the basics, that you have to change the cupcakes in to your own style (or taste).  That they have to be original!
Maybe some of you know some kids who would like to try the step by step plan or maybe you’d like to make a ZIA-cupcake using the steps.  It would make me so happy to be able to show totally different styles from totally different artists.
If you don’t have a flickr account you can always mail me the result and I will add it to the album…

Hoping on many entries…

Kind regards Ilse

Strawberry cupcake, flower cupcake and nutcake 🙂

I also linked to artist in blogland to show the zendala’s and the cupcake ATC, if you are an artist blogger you should visit over there!  click on the button on the right to find them.


13 thoughts on “Zendala dare 20 times 2.

  1. Thanks. I already have my baby girl. I can stay 6 months at home here in Belgium to take care of here. That's good, because I really want to breastfeed her exclusively until she's 6 months. Hope you find the time to draw a cupcake 🙂


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