Zendala 19 and a little thief.

So I was waiting for the Diva’s challenge to post everything together in one post again, but she’s taking a well deserved vacation so here is my Zendala dare number 19 :

The template got lost a bit, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing here.  I started with all the straight lines, but there was no flow, so I really wanted to do some curves too and this is what it turned out to be.

I also did this ATC with some hearts.  For the first time I didn’t draw it, but used different kind of papers and some markers to create one.  Scrap-booking isn’t really my thing, so I wanted to try something different.


And I also want to share the picture I took this morning …

All that trash on my lawn… I first thought some kids did a secret pick-nick on my lawn, but when I saw the empty packages of cat food I knew it was another little thief …
His name is ‘wolkje’ translated in English it would be ‘little cloud’.  I took him in when my friend, who lives in an apartment got crazy with this little rug-rat.
He never had to fight for his food, but for some reason he thinks he has to…



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