Assunta and Mooka for the first time #83

The Diva’s challenge #83

Assunta and Mooka were new to me.  I’m a doodler, not a real zentangler.  Here in Belgium I believe there is just one CZT or something.  I do try to learn the tangles though and Laura’s blog is ideal for it.  The challenges make me look up certain patterns and use them. 
I divided the tile into parts and tried to fill them with variations of Assunta and Mooka.
Because the patterns are not very easy to use together, I put them both in their own sections.  I used blue and orange to show that they are very different … complementary colors work well sometimes…

I also took a big challenge for me on swap-bot this week.
A hand drawn ATC with a self-portrait on it.  It could be any kind of portrait, like Picasso style or something, as long as it was hand-drawn.
But a Picasso self-portrait is easier than trying to make it really look like you with pencils, so I challenged myself to draw myself in pencil on an ATC.
I used a picture of me and my son when he was just a few weeks old, he’s 22 months now.
And this is what it turned out to be:

Self-portrait ATC hand-drawn

I showed my son the card and asked him who he saw on the ATC.  He said: “mommy”.  So I guess there is some resemblance.  I still have mountains of respect for portrait specialists!  It’s so hard.  Guess I just have to practice more, just like anything you really want to get the hang of.
What do you think is there any resemblance?

Thanks for stopping by again and taking the time to look and/or comment!

Greetings from Belgium 🙂


13 thoughts on “Assunta and Mooka for the first time #83

  1. First of all I have to say….what a lovely person you are and babies…oh how I love babies. Your self portrait is wonderful. The challenge piece has a lovely flow and design. It is enhanced by the cool colors against the black!


  2. Wow! Your mooka/assunta tile is really lovely. The colors make it pop. And I'm amazed at how well you did on your self portrait. I definitely see a resemblance. I'm not a Picasso fan, because women who look like guitars aren't my thing; so I like what you did much better. Your adorable son is so cute too!


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