For Rita and Valerie: Zendala dare # 17

Zendala dare # 17 For Rita and Valerie.

When Erin at ‘the Bright Owl’ placed this week Zendala dare I immediately thought of two people who really deserve a work of art in their honor.

The first is my mother-in-law who has defeated breast cancer.  She was so very strong when she got sick I really admired her courage to fight the monster inside her.  She didn’t have grandchildren when she got sick and when I heard she had breast cancer at 49 years of age that was one of the first things I thought about.  She is such a great woman and she adores kids, it would have been ashame if she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to meet her grandchildren.  Now she is better than ever.  She has got 3 grandchildren now (two of which are mine).  Two of those kids are girls and she has got 4 boys of her own, so that’s extra special!  The pink ribbon on the right side is specially for her.

The second person is Valerie.  I’m not close to her, she is the sister of my friend and colleague.  But she is a mother of two young children, so I can relate.  Valerie is also very strong and fights it with all she’s got.  It’s looking good for her too.  Two people who won!  That’s why they get this Zendala in their honor!

As you can see I used a real Zendala tile!  That’s a first for me.  I haven’t bought real tiles yet.  They aren’t really cheap and to let them be shipped to Belgium is even more expensive, so I just tangle in my sketchbook and on other paper.  But with a ZIA swap one time there were 2 tiles inside as a present!  One black, one white, I was waiting for the right time to use them.  Today I’ve used the white one …

That’s the Zendala for this week.
I’ve been making and swapping some more ATC’s this week too:

The first two are for a flower series on swap-bot: Phlox:

Seems like I’m in my pink and purple period or something … !  The colors don’t look anything like the real thing.  I think I’m going to take pictures instead of scanning them next time!

I also made one for a kawaii swap.  The kids in class love those cute animals and I oblige myself to try and draw things myself before I ask my students to do so:

And some ZIA’s I started when I was pregnant, but couldn’t finish because it was a difficult pregnancy at the end.  I didn’t get round to finish them or send them in time to swap.
But I’ve added them to one of my ‘available for swap’ albums on flickr, maybe that way they will find a new home somewhere.

Almost Monday again, getting ready for the Diva’s next challenge …

Oh and thanks for stopping by and commenting.  It’s so nice to be part of this creative community!


5 thoughts on “For Rita and Valerie: Zendala dare # 17

  1. chococat! love it! all your work is beautiful! as for your zendala – i like that you included the pink ribbon and i like the flowers your swirled out to the corners – what a beautiful tile!


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