Going abstract and Diva’s # 81

Since a few weeks I have been visiting swap-bot again.  I’m even hosting my own swap about Olympic ATC (the last sign-up day is today and I’m really excited!)
I found a swap ‘Abstract ATCs’.
Well, I’ll tell you I have made some great big abstract art 10 years ago, when I was studying art.  But I got a real dislike for it at one point because we had to make so many sketches that it just wasn’t spontaneous anymore.
I get that you have to make sketches, I really do.  I make my students do them too, they are important.  But at one point it was just too much for me.  Maybe that’s why I like tangling/doodling so much?!
So I really doubted if I would enter this swap.  In the end I signed up the last day thinking: “There’s no teacher to tell me I have to do studies on beforehand, there is just me, I’m my own boss”.  And I took the plunge.
Here are my results, they are mailed to two swappers in the United States:

Abstract composition with blue and orange.

Abstract composition # 2

Today I started with the Diva’s challenge number 81.  It’s a guest challenge by Erin of the bright owl, so off course it’s a zendala template 😉
I really hope that she gets some funds to give to charity with this challenge.
Cancer is such a terrible disease!  I came in contact with it several times.  Luckily most times the outcome was good and that was thanks to science and the progress they have made the last few years.
But sometimes life is hard and the outcome is just painful! 
In March the mother of my husband’s sister-in-law died, she was 50 years old and if I tell you the sister-in-law became my husband’s sister-in-law in May, you’ll notice she lost her mother just a few months before her wedding.  And I’ll tell you, if there’s a day you want your mother to be there, it’s your wedding (and the day your children are born).  The wedding was lovely, but it would have been great if her mother was there in person.  Somehow I felt she was there though, the weather had been bad all month and that day the sun was shining brightly.

Here is my contribution for this week:

Diva’s challenge #81

PS: If I miss a letter B somewhere, I’m sorry, but my b-key keeps playing with me, I have to hit it very hard!


7 thoughts on “Going abstract and Diva’s # 81

  1. Your zendala is fantastic. I find your abstract works very intriguing. I agree with you–you are the boss of your work so do your thing! Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Nice to “meet” you!


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