Wings in a Zendala and Mi2.

This week the summer finally started here in Belgium.  It had been a rainy, cold one up to now.  But this week it is swimming, playing outside, using sunscreen and trying to stay cool …
So it took me a while to get the Diva’s challenge started.
Maybe it looks like I took the easy way out if you see the result, but in this case I think “less is more”.  I have some other attempts, but somehow they just didn’t work.
I don’t know if it is because I’m still very unsure about Mi2 …
But anyhow here is the Mi2 result:

The Diva’s Challenge # 80: Mi2

Today Erin at the bright owl also posted her new Zendala dare.  And because my son played in his little pool and was very tired and is still napping from his adventures I also finished my Dare for this week already!  Hurray!
I tried to go outside the box … euhm template, because I always seem to stay inside the lines and I saw some amazing zendalas where the artists went outside them.
So here is my Zendala dare number 16.
Hope you like them.

The Bright Owl Dare # 16


9 thoughts on “Wings in a Zendala and Mi2.

  1. I love your Mi2 tile and I agree: less is more. Super, that you already finished your zendala # 16 dare. It looks great. Love the colouring. I just saw the template at Erin's blog and have to start mine.


  2. awesome! (i didn't realize erin had posted already – wow, i'm behind already – haha!) i like the way your mi2 looks quilted with the stitches blocking it. and your zendala is beautiful – i think you went outside the box very well!


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