Zendala dare 15 (and 7)

Zendala dare 15

I finally finished the zendala dare number 15 from Erin’s blog ‘the Bright Owl’
I printed the template somewhat bigger than normal zendala size, so I had more ‘ground’ to cover this week.
My son normally goes to daycare 2 half days a week so I can relax a bit with the baby. But daycare is on summer holiday for 3 weeks.  I must say I love having him here, but it is hard.  Specially because he is still adjusting to the fact that he has to share my attention.

He is very sweet to his baby sister though!.

I did start another zendala last week, after my previous post I still had some spare time and was waiting for the new dare to come up.  So I tried another zendala dare, number 7.
I must say I’m pretty satisfied with this one.  When I see other results of the CZT’s or other artist I sometimes think: “Oh my, still have a looooong way to go!”
But number 7 came with a flow …

Zendala dare 7

 I also wanted to share another ‘piece of art’ a friend of mine made as a birth gift to my little girl.  It is an owl, painted on canvas and embellished with felt and fabric.
I’m sure, when my baby-girl gets her own room (I have a co-sleeper next to my bed now) it will get a perfect spot where she can admire it every morning!

Owl on canvas with felt and fabric

That’s all for now.  I hope to do the diva’s challenge too this week, but I don’t know if I’ll find the time. (Specially since the summer finally decided to give us warm weather and sunshine which we should enjoy!)


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