My due-day zendala dare.

As you may or may not know, I’m pregnant with my second child right now.
Today was my due-date, but my daughter decided it wasn’t time to come and meet the world just yet, so I had some time to take on a new zendala dare.

When I saw the 6 petals I thought about the color circle … I guess that’s because I’m an art teacher and I have to ‘drill’ it into my pupils.

So I started with the petals in the 6 most important colors and let the zendala grow from there.
When it was finished I did spill some oil from the tapaz on the table on the tile … what a shame!  Maybe I’ll do another one this week with the same template … if my daughter decides to make me wait a little while longer to meet her.

Here is my dare:

Due-day zendala: color wheel flower.


9 thoughts on “My due-day zendala dare.

  1. What a great idea! Your zendala has so much character. I hope that little one gets here soon. Every day seems so long in the end but then those days go by so fast after they are here. What a blessing!


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