The mill (I am the Diva Challenge 76)

By Blue-bird 2012-06-26 The Mill

The Diva gave us a challenge to make a tangle inspired on our own town, city, country, … your home.

I chose to make a string inspired on a mill in my village:

 My village is a little one in the North of Belgium.  The Netherlands are very close and their country is famous for their mills of course.

Our village has got 5 mills in total, so they are pretty important here as well.

I tried to use all official tangles this time.  Normally I don’t think about official tangles, I just go with the flow.
But I have learned many official tangles during the challenges, dares and practice runs during the last 1,5 year, so I wanted to try to do just official ones (for ones).

I hope you like the result.


12 thoughts on “The mill (I am the Diva Challenge 76)

  1. What a wonderful mill, it is just the way I have always dreamed they would look! I would so want to go on a world tour after this challenge, but I can't and so I thank you for giving that opportunity in photo and tile! Your tile has so many lovely patterns and the mill is outstanding!


  2. Really like your “officially” done Zentangle this week. What a great idea for the centerpiece. Thank you for sharing a photo of the mill near your home.


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