Artistic roses for Norway please!

Hey there followers, creative souls, artists, zentangler, …. here I am with a question for you. 

You all know about the terrible thing that happened in the beautiful country Norway. As you could see on the news many people lay down roses over there.  Well, I can’t bring my real rose over there, but I can make a drawing and so I did.  This picture is my rose for Norway.

It is an ATC and it is part of a swap-bot swap BUT I would like to ask you all to make your own ‘Rose for Norway’.  It doesn’t have to be an ATC, it can be a tangle, a painting, a drawing, … anything artistic goes.
If you are finished you can upload the picture in my new group on Flickr “A rose for Norway”.
When I have lots of roses (I’m not going to say a number, because this might just not work) I will make a slide-show to post on YouTube.

I really would love to see lots of great roses of you all.  Please spread the word and let us all make our ‘Rose for Norway’.
Please link to this post and or the Flickr page if you join in so people can find the info they need.

Oh dear, I really hope you all  join in!

The link for this post:
The link for the Flickr page:

If you do decide to make an ATC you can join the challenge in swap-bot here.
The host of the swap is Norwegian so it is a great idea to make an extra Rose ATC especially for her.
If you don’t join the swap you can just send your ATC to her to give to the families of the victims!
The more roses the better!
You can send the ATC or the extra ATC to :

Renate Harligen * Kapellveien 53 * N-1555 Son * Norway.

Don’t forget to scan the ATC and to post it to the flickr group too, so the slide-show will be the ever-lasting proof of our work, please!

Thanks to Patricia of the Zentangled Inspired Art Group for the extra input!


6 thoughts on “Artistic roses for Norway please!

  1. This is a wondeful idea! I think it is so important that we use our art to express our feelings about social concerns. What a great way to pay respect to the families and citizens of Norway. Thank you for extending this challenge to us!!! Patty M.


  2. I saw the link to this post on swap-bot and had to call by to let you know it's such a lovely idea.
    I've added the ATC's I've made so far to your flickr group.
    Thank you again 🙂


  3. Wow , just found out about the swap and all this today but So excited to get involved…
    i am blogging about all this tomorrow on my blog and even have a link back to YOU.
    One question though… I am a pressed flower artist . I use Real flowers roses and such in my art . on your flickr you said No Real roses … was that as in still shots? here is a link to one I would like to add ,if you look close the ferns make a peace sign .


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