A zentangled B and a Bleach ATC

These are both for Swap-bot ATC swaps.  For the zentangler who want to trade their tangles with others, this is a nice swap on swap-bot.  They go through the whole alphabet this way …

I also made a Bleach ATC.  The pictures doesn’t look anything like the real color … I guess the light had some say here 😉

I decided if I want to do a swap I first make the ATC than I join the swap.  That way I never get into trouble because it is not finished!
I do hope the post service doesn’t let me or my fellow traders down.  I know from my pen-pal days that letters/envelopes/packages tend to get lost sometimes.  Getting a bad rating although you did post something isn’t really fair …

My sleeves arrived today too, so from now on the ATC’s I trade will leave in a plastic protection!


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