Read first, create after!

I wanted to do my first ZIA challenge today and remembered one with a shoe-zentangle ATC.  So I made one.  Afterwards I went ot the ZIA yahoo page and found the challenge, seems we have to do two!  That will teach me.  If you remember a challenge, go check out the specifics first!
So, I will do one more tomorrow and send them to America.  I also found out that it is cheaper to buy 5 or more stamps for sending flat mail to the United States.  Doing these ZIA an ATC trades I will have to send to the USA more than once, so I think that’s a good idea.

I posted my 3 Black and white ATC’s for the swap-bot challenge.  I really hope they will arrive and that the new owners will like them.
I also mailed the receivers because my ATC’s will have to travel accross the ochean.  It will take a bit longer!

As I took yesterday as my icad-day off I had to do one today.  It was quite hectic here today.  The renovating of our house requeste some cleaning and that’s not always easy with an almost 9 month old son.  A customer of my sling webshop came for a fitting and I always try to take my time to advise them to help them choose the right sling.

This is what I made as icad today:


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