Challenge 29, ATC number 1 and today’s icad!

What a creative summer this will be!  This is my weekly challenge 29 (the string theory number IV) of our Diva’s weekly zentangle challenge.  My zentangle came out somewhat bigger as they normally do.  Because my string (a real one for this challenge) was bigger.  Looking for a string and a button to use as a real base for the string is a great idea.  My son played with the string afterwards, he loves all kind of strings and cables and I do my best to hide them and put them away, but this one he spotted right away and he couldn’t even wait until mommy was finished with it …

Today my first ATC swap at swap-bot finished.  I posted my very first little piece of art to Texas USA.  I’m quite excited about it … what will I get back in return?  Obviously another cupcake, but still!  Here is my piece of art, which I digitalized before posting it :

Now I know what Kawaii style is, I think I’m going to use it for a project in art-class next year!  The kids will certainly fall in love with these cute little cartoons, that’s for sure!

My final creative touch of the day is my icad.  The sketchbook challenge theme of this month is elements and somehow my icad represents one of the elements: Water.    I guess doing so many different creative challenges over the summer it is kind of unevitable that they will entwine somehow and sometimes!  Here is my icad for today:


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