Snakey icad and my first ATC-cards!

A bit more color in my icad today, although I kept it green! 

I also found a new challenge for myself!  ATC’s or artist trading cards.  It’ something I want to try with my students in my art classes next year, so I’m going to give it a try myself during the summer.

Another blog I follow is called Mini Matisse and the host of that blog got me in touch with swap-bot.  I’m going to give that a try together with Art Education 2.0

My first ATC’s are these:

Hey there’s fuzzy-ball again on my first ATC ever … LOL.  If anybody wants to trade an ATC with me for this Fuzzy-ball or cupcake ATC you can let me know.  I’ll send them in exchange for another ATC!
The cupcake was done for a swap-bot swap, but I made it in the wrong style.  It was a Kawaii cupcake trade and I did make a cartoon figure out of my cupcake, but it isn’t Kawaii style!  So I’ll have to do that one again.
I was thinking about doing a ATC zentangle swap in swap-bot …
That makes me wonder what the new zentangle challenge of this week will be ….


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