Tripoli Supernova.

I finally found the time to do the zentangle challenge yesterday.  The last days of school were very busy.  Final activities, report cards, dinner with colleagues, packing up things in boxes, … and a very sick son!  When I was home he was clinging to me like a bee on honey, so I hardly found the time to do the creative challenges I signed myself up for.
Tripoli turned out totally different than I had expected.  I started with the arrow and somehow this is what it became.  But hey, that’s zentangle for you, isn’t it.
When I took the picture the flash light reflected a spot of light on the paper.  First I thought about removing it, but than I found the ‘supernova’ tool on GIMP and I just used the accidental light spot to make my zentangle a shining star.
If you don’t know GIMP (Gnome image manipulation program) I strongly suggest that you check it out!  It’ a great alternative for Photoshop and this is totally free.


3 thoughts on “Tripoli Supernova.

  1. Hee – I was just looking at your supernova when your comment on my blog came through. This is wonderful, I'm glad you found the time to do the challenge and I hope that your son is better soon.


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