Icads of the last days of June.

I did do my icads, but because my son was ill and I had to spend so much time at school they are real quick sketches and jotted down words …
1) The first here is a statement I like to use in my everyday life!
2) On the 29th of June I was doing class councils all day.  The whole day subjects, comments, grades and students were projected and discussed!  A real hard day! Specially because my son was still ill!
3) On this day our staffroom was celebrated!  Next year our staffroom will be in a totally different building, very modern and very big.  So our old classroom was ‘buried’!  We had a nice barbecue and we danced until morning in our old staffroom to say ‘goodbye’ to it!
4) Finally our summer holiday started!

I hope I can put more time and effort in the upcoming icads!


One thought on “Icads of the last days of June.

  1. Hello

    I see that you are interested in ATC next year. I agree that Art Education 2.0 is a WONDERFUL site to use as well. My hope for Swap-bot is it will make it more organized. I want to use both sites to assist in ATC in the classroom. Were you able to join my trade?

    Look at my latest post and let me know what other questions you have. If you are wondering something, it is likely others will be thinking the same thing.



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