Day and night index-card-a-day

Looking back at my index cards I noticed a lot of white space.  I guess because these cards have such a smooth and shiny structure that working on them is quite a challenge.  I tried to fill a whole card today thinking about Hundertwasser.  He is one of the most colorful artists I use in my art-class (together with the never failing Keith Haring)  The kids love him because of his color use!
I like that doing these index cards does not make me feel I have to produce perfect works of art!  I just do, without sketching and I must say if this was a real piece of art I would be angry at myself for the crooked lines, the fact that they are thick and thin, going over other colors, the bad composition, …
But this relaxing way of just doing the art makes me feel at ease! 
Not really perfect at all, but just a quick creative outburst for today !

If you still would like to join, I think you still can.  The index card a day challenge is hosted on Daisy Yellow’s blog and has a flickr group. 


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