My summer tree index-card-a-day

Here’s my index card for today.  Because I’m thinking of using the index cards as inspiration cards in my classroom I was thinking about things the kids often draw ‘wrong’.  Actually there is no ‘wrong’ in an art-class.  Still I’d like to make sure they try their best and try to do something different every time.  That’s why the brown beam with the green circle can’t be a tree a 7th grader draws!  They have to try and make it look more like a real tree.
For the first time I’m not really satisfied with my index card.  But I think that’s because the card limits you for a bit because of it’s structure.  Maybe I should have done this one in acrylic paint.  That way it would have worked better.  Oh well, still a long summer to go and maybe my summer tree will come back in acrylic paint too!
I also made 2 extra cards today.  Mainly because I’m participating in ‘The diva’s weekly zentangle challenge’ and because this weeks challenge of combining the official tangles Verdigogh and Dex was driving me crazy.
I just couldn’t get it right and I really wanted to be satisfied with my own work.  The index cards were lying around, so I took them to try the challenge again.  So now I have 2 spare cards, if I should need them.


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