Lucky Verdigogh in a Dex frame!

Oh my!  This was a big challenge for me.

I don’t really use official tangles in my zentangles.  I just go where the pen takes me, without really thinking about the specific tangles…

And now the diva’s challenge this week specified the tangles we had to use.  She told us to use Dex and Verdigogh.
I had to look them up and learn about them before I started.
And I found it extremely hard to combine them somehow. The organic shapes of verdigogh didn’t seem to work with the mathematic shape of dex.
I sketched and tried strings, but it just didn’t come out right.
Finally I kept it simple.  You don’t always have to go looking that far.  Dex became the frame in which my ‘Lucky Verdigogh’ was presented…  Don’t know if I’ll try this one again though.  The challenge of trying to combine them is still making my fingers itch.
But for now here is my Lucky Verdigogh in a Dex frame.


12 thoughts on “Lucky Verdigogh in a Dex frame!

  1. this is lovely. I know what you mean about the two tangles not 'going' together – this is why i chose those two, because they are so different… the organic fern like flow of verdigogh against the angular geometry of Dex. You did a wonderful job.


  2. I had the same problem you did combining a organic pattern with a more geometric one. I like how you took them at face value and just framed one with the other. The end result is beautiful!


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