Cheat with a mobile phone Index-Card-A-Day

I teach in a very conservative and strict school.  Mobile phones can be brought to the school grounds, but it has to be turned off as soon as the children arrive. 
The last few years that rule is getting more difficult to uphold each day.  The mobile phone is such an important part of the youth culture …
But I can really agree with our school’s rules!  The children have to learn there’s a time and a place to use these things and times when you don’t.  (Don’t start me talking about the people who make calls in the cinema or those who forget to turn them off at a theater).
Last week the exams started and 2 girls were caught using their mobile phones to check their answers on their Frech test.  The most stupid thing for those two really smart girls!
The gossip today was terrible.  Some stories about suspension were going around the playground.  The children of my group asked me questions I couldn’t answer.
I actually don’t know what kind of punishment the kids will get.  I do know that they aren’t suspended!

Who am I to judge?  I think we all tried cheating in our school days once …

Now I’m grown up I can just agree with Sophocles:

“I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating” 
My index card for today was inspired on the events that happened the last few days at my school …

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