Garfield tribute Index-card-a-day

 I got my inspiration from a Belgian TV program called ‘Man bites Dog’.  Ok, I agree, stupid title.  They have an item called ‘Day by Day’.  I really love the animations they show in this item.  You can see some on the website of our national TV channel.

They take the day that the program will be shown and make an animation with the big events that happened on it. 
I thought, let’s google today and see what events can inspire me for today’s icad.  I found out that Garfield was first printed on this day in 1978.
Garfield will always be something special.  My niece and also the godmother of my (today) 8th month old son collected Garfield stuff for years.  Her whole room was covered with stuffed animals, comic-books, clocks, a bed cover and many other Garfield stuff.

Every jumble sale was a big search for that one missing Garfield item. 

A few weeks ago my niece, my son and I went to a recycle shop.  It is a shop where people bring used stuff that’s still usable.  Others can buy it for cheap prizes.  I love going there.  I often find hidden treasures. 
Next to the door there is a big box with stuffed animals.  Every customer can take one free stuffed animal if they want.  My niece fished out a perfect stuffed Garfield.  She is 24 now, but the love for Garfield still carries on …

Today Garfield turns 33 and this is my way of congratulating him on his birthday!  Have a nice Sunday everybody!


One thought on “Garfield tribute Index-card-a-day

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your recycle treasures and how you decided to do your card. Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to seeing more of your cards. 🙂 Nan


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