Moving summer Index-Card-A-Day

Tomorrow will be my last class before the exams start for my pupils.  I started packing up supplies today because this summer will be the summer of the big move!
Our school has a built a brand new school building the past three years.  My new art-class will be one from a dream!  Everything an art-class teacher would love to have, it will be there!  But the new building also means that I will have to move all the art-supplies during summer holidays!  I really hope they will finish in time, because the way it’s looking now, I won’t have a desk to sit on.
I’m not only moving from one art class to another, I’m also moving from the top floor to the ground floor at my home.  We have been renovating for 5 years now and this is the summer we will move!  My new kitchen will be placed at the end of August.
So, this summer will be one of moving!  I think a real summer vacation will be out of the question this year!

My Index-card-A-day was inspired on those thoughts.  I didn’t have much time today because I have a lot last minute – last days of school things to do.  But this is my quick sketch for today!


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