Icad a day challenge to a bad start!

So, I decided to start the Index card a day challenge at Daisy Yellow’s blog a few days ago, but I didn’t have any cards …
Today I went to the shop and bought me a pack, so I thought… Pity for me someone else dropped a pack of name cards (looks like an index card, but without the lines) back in the wrong shelf.
I wanted to start and found out I had the wrong cards.  I won’t make it back to the shop today (with a baby and lots of work for school, as we are going into our last few weeks here) and maybe I won’t get there tomorrow either.
I decided to use the name cards for now, as they do have the same smooth structure and the same size, just the lines are missing.

What to draw was quite easy today.  I’m sure inspiration-less days will follow.  But today it was easy.

I drew a breastfeeding mother with a text about being a proud breastfeeding, sling-wearing and co-sleeping mother.

A few days ago I congratulated a group of mothers who wants to get the message that breastfeeding isn’t vulgar or obscene into society on my personal facebook page.
A big discussion started! I never had so many replies to one message on my wall ever!
The big picture of the discussion was the fact that it doesn’t matter how you feed your child.  You can make your own choice about breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  A mother who bottle feeds her child doesn’t love her child any less than a breastfeeding mother.
There was one person who really was opposed to breastfeeding.  She shouted for respect for her choice.  Actually there was no one in the discussion not respecting her choice at all, but she must have felt targeted somehow.
Today I read a new message on this person’s facebook wall in which she stated that mother’s who breastfeed are milk factories, nothing more, nothing less.
That was a slap in my face.  I’m a proud breastfeeding mother!  I never ever comment on anybody else’s choice about feeding their child!  I do have respect for others.  BUT respect works two ways and that wasn’t the case here at all.

One of my art teachers in my younger years said art always had to be a bit personal, that it comes from the deepest of your soul. 
Well, this one came a bit from the hurt I felt when reading the message about being a milk-factory on someone’s facebook wall! 
So my first Icad is this one, not yet a big piece of art, but with a big message! 


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