The last 3: Artoo, hearts for Artoo and stary eyed surprise!

 Yes!  I made it!

Done all the challenges up to now!  I’m so proud at myself.

Zentangles are still very new in my life, but I really enjoy them.

These are the last three I had do to catch up.  I know, it wasn’t obliged, but I really wanted to do the challenges, because each and everyone of them has learned me a lot about zentangles.

Some explanations?
The first is the challenges ‘hearts for Aroo’ which had to use 2 previous challenges.  I chose Ixorus and Simplicity.  I’m really proud at my Ixorus-heart idea.

 I really liked doing the stary eyed surprise one.  And the tangle Artoo is just beautiful.  Thanks for sharing that Laura!
I found the tangle in itself so nice, it didn’t feel like it needed something else … so I kept it simple!


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