Catching up: Breathe and Versa

I’m still trying to get all the challenges done.

This is my attempt for the challenge ‘Breathe’.  In our language the word is ‘Adem’.  I started from that word and let the tangle grow from there.

This week our Diva Laura (weekly challenge) has shared a new tangle called ‘Versa’.  I really liked it and I tried my first tile using this tangle yesterday.  This is what it turned into:

Sitting on the couch didn’t do my straight lines any good though …

6 thoughts on “Catching up: Breathe and Versa

  1. Very nice, both of them. I like that word 'adem' for breathe.
    I did 'catch-up' too when I started the challenges. It was fun to try them all and good when I finished to feel that I was in the same place as most everyone else.


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