Something new, no something quite old actually!

Walking aroud with a baby carrier you can tie is something you don’t see that often over here.
Although carrying is much better for mommy’s back and the baby feels safe, so close to mommy.

When I bought my first Mei Tai a few months ago and saw how easy it looked.  My sister and I made a few myself.  This is another one (I posted one yesterday too).

My mother said: “What new things they come up with!  They didn’t have those things ‘in our days'”. 
But that is a lie!  Baby carriers have been in use for ages in Asian countries.
They got really popular in the 1960’s in Australia, but Asian people have been carrying much longer.
If you had to work, you needed your hands.  And if you had to keep your baby with you and work, the Mei Tai was a very good solution.

So this is a new Mei Tai, designed by me and my sister, with a brand new baby (almost 5 months), but sitting in a thing with lots of history!  No new invention there, trust me!

I just found this great blogparty about ‘time travel’ and I immediately thought of this … so is the link I had to post!  Take  look over there!


One thought on “Something new, no something quite old actually!

  1. Thanks so much for joining me at the cottage and for linking to my party. And you are correct. The “sling” carriers have probably been around as long as there have been babies and moms who needed to have both hands free. 😉

    I hope you'll join the fun at my place each week. Anything is linkable to the party, as long as it's family friendly. By the way, I just joined you as a follower.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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