The exclusive Mei Tai

Because my blog-title is teachter, mother and wife it is time to tell you all a bit about ‘the mother-part’.

I’m actually quite new at it all!  My boy will be 5 months on the 19th of this month.

I really hate those car-seat baby-carriers (maxi-cosi) to take your baby everywere.
Those car-seat things are heavy! You always carry on one side (poor back)
Luckily I learned about carriers in fabric (slings, mei tai, …)
Oh my God!  What did people ever do without them?  I really can’t imagine! 
I love those carriers and my baby boy loves them even more!

I bought my first Mei Tai 2 months ago.  But when I saw how simple it looked, my sister and I bought some fabrics and made our own!

This is one on the picture.  We have made 5 different ones now.  Not just for me, but for our own webshop (ohhhh scary). Next month we will start it up.  I designed the logo:

I’m so proud at it! 
I really hope our shop will attract some buyers.  Home made Mei Tais, tested with my own boy (as you can see).
But even if it is a big flop, we had fun choosing the fabrics and making them!


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