Bye bye cat of firsts.

Yesterday was a sad day for our family.  We had to say goodbye to a dear friend of ours: our oldest cat Pélé (after the famous football player).

He was 14 and he had kidney failllure, so it was best to let him go to cat heaven, but we will surely miss him.

He was the first cat my husband and I got together.  We were still students living in a small studio with a garden when Pélé’s first owner moved to an appartement and gave us Pélé.  He was a very smart cat.  I never once thought that he would get run over by a car, he was just too smart.
The only thing he hated was car rides.  When we moved from our studio to our first big rental house, he meowed the whole hour in the car.
He was there when we got married, when we bought our first house, when our first baby was born. 

My husband will miss him the most.  He came from a big family and was used to alot of movement around the house.  When I found work very close to my parent’s home, I moved back home for a while.  He stayed with Pélé in our studio.  They became big friends.
He stayed with Pélé until the very end, he said: “I owed him that much”.  That is why I love my husband so much.  He will always do the right thing, even if it breaks his heart.

His last few days Pélé spent on an old park mattress, lying on the floor.  The strange thing is, none of our other cats has taken that place to sleep.  Even though it is one of the nices spots to sleep on in our house.  It feels like they are paying their respects to their leader, because that was what he was … the alphamale.

Pélé my friend.  I know you understand why we took this decision.  I know you had a good life. 
You were our cat of firsts so it was no surprise we had to let you go first…  Rest In Peace


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